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With Jail Release from Our Bondsman, You Can Quickly Return to Your Family.

If you ever necessitate a bondsman in Satellite Beach, FL, render the correct choice in Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds. We believe in innocence until guilt is proven in court. With our bail bonds provision, we practice all haste in the performance of our service. Our aid is available for a broad assortment of charges, and we’re able to address any inquiries or supply tips along the way. Contact us at 321-638-2245 for help with jail release, or to acquire any additional information.

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Bail Bonds Serve As an Agreement Between the Court, Defendant, and Bondsman.

Most arrests take place at night. To find yourself sent to jail while the rest of the world is sleeping can cause fear and helplessness. You might feel anxious about how to achieve your freedom, or protect yourself around other inmates and guards. Thankfully, the bondsmen at Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds will resolve everything. If you can confide our contact info, 321-638-2245, to your memory, make sure to accomplish this. You’ll be glad to know this resource should you wind up in detention.

Your Bondsman for Fast Bail – Jail Bail

One of our main characteristics as a bondsman is speed. We’ve familiarity with all the red tape of area detention facilities, and will effectively work with the system to engender your freedom as swiftly as conceivable. Our availability at night, across weekends, and throughout holidays promises a fast answer to your call. If bail exists for your charge, we can almost definitely arrange it. If you have to sit tight for arraignment, we will at the very least serve to advise you.

Felony and Misdemeanor Bail

Misdemeanor & Felony Bail

Felonies and misdemeanors are the standard kinds of criminal charges in Florida. A second degree misdemeanor like petit theft is the least serious crime. At the opposite end of the spectrum are capital felonies, which the state can punish by execution. These extremes encompass a large assortment of other charges. A expedient call to 321-638-2245 or perusal of this site can showcase the assortment of offenses we write bonds for.

  • DUI Bail Bonds One or two DUIs may be charged as misdemeanors, while additional arrests will charge as felonies.
  • Drug Charge Bail Bonds The majority of drug charges go down as felonies, with the exception of marijuana possession.
  • Domestic Violence Bail The specific characteristics of a domestic violence arrest helps determine if it will be tried as a felony or misdemeanor.
  • Weapons Violation Bail Carrying a concealed gun with no license stands as a common weapons charge.
  • Assault Charge Bail Assault typifies violent speech and threats, whereas battery charges come from the execution of violent acts.
  • Disorderly Conduct Charges If performance or words disturb the common peace, disorderly conduct will stand as the charge.
  • Theft Charges Whether a theft counts as a felony or misdemeanor rests upon the value of appropriated goods.

Bail Bond Questions

Bail Bond Questions

Unless you have been through this before, the bail process might be confounding. Our team is always ready to clear up any confusion. For resolution of all your inquiries in regards to the role of a bondsman in Satellite Beach, FL, call 321-638-2245 today. For the most typical inquiries, we’ve composed a FAQ for the education of our clients. Also, be sure to cover the links below for even more valuable info.

  • Cash Bonds This infrequent variety of bond requires complete accounting of the bail, in cash, from the defendant.
  • Probation Violations When a judge permits bail for a probation violation, we will quickly have our clients set free.
  • Juvenile Bail Bonds Because of a 2013 legal decision, juvenile offenders in Florida now have the option for bail.