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Should you ever need a bondsman in Sharpes, FL, select the right choice in Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds. We believe in innocence until guilt is proven in a court of law. With our bail bonds issuance, we practice all haste in the accomplishment of our job. We are always available to answer queries, provide further info, or supply our services for a wide selection of crimes. Whenever you require aid with a bail bond, simply give us a call at 321-638-2245.

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Bail Bonds Serve As an Agreement Between the Court, Defendant, and Bondsman.

A great number of arrests occur at night. When you find yourself jailed late in the evening, you might feel stressed and confused. If you have not been imprisoned before, you might experience stress about how to get released, or how to act with other inmates and guards. Luckily, the team at Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds can handle everything. If you can commit our contact info, 321-638-2245, to your memory, make sure you do so. You might not need it, but if the time arrives when you do, you’ll feel thankful for this measure of safety.

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At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, we will not waste time with the freedom of a client. Our peers cannot match our dedication and experience with the nearby jail system. Our continual readiness means we’re consistently prepared to resolve the necessities of clients. You may continually be positive that we will find any present avenue for the freedom of our customers. If you need to wait it out across the weekend for arraignment, we can act as your informational resource.

Felony and Misdemeanor Bail

Misdemeanor & Felony Bail

When a person is arrested for a criminal act in Florida, it will either be a felony or misdemeanor. Petit theft and further minor crimes are categorized as second degree misdemeanors. Capital felonies punishable through death stand at the opposite limit of the spectrum. A wide selection of crimes exist between these two limits. Feel free to contact our team at 321-638-2245, or look around our site to discover if we support an offense.

  • DUI Bail Bonds DUIs may go down as both misdemeanors or felonies, and depend on selected factors.
  • Drug Charge Bail Bonds A personal amount of marijuana represents the sole drug crime frequently charged as a misdemeanor.
  • Domestic Violence Bail The nature of the offense and existence of bodily harm will decide whether domestic violence is considered a misdeameanor or felony.
  • Weapons Violation Bail Weapon violations, including possession by a felon and concealed carry, will garner stiff penalties.
  • Assault Charge Bail Assault typifies violent speech and threats, whereas battery crimes develop from the performance of violence.
  • Disorderly Conduct Charges Disorderly conduct can encompass public intoxication, and also loud, disturbing, or obscene public displays.
  • Theft Charges Theft charges are organized based on the monetary worth of the taken property.

Bail Bond Questions

Bail Bond Questions

We understand that bail bonds are a bewildering subject. Our crew is always prepared to solve any confusion. At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, the leading bondsman in Sharpes, FL is ready to cater to your needs at 321-638-2245. You may furthermore check our list of frequently asked questions to find out if it contains the info that you require. Certain matters that most people necessitate answers for are addressed in the links below.

  • Cash Bonds An uncommon bail, cash only bonds require direct payment from the defendant.
  • Probation Violations When a judge allows bail for a probation violation, we will rapidly have our clients released.
  • Juvenile Bail Bonds Until 2013, youthful offenders had no availability of bail. That all changed, and our company can now write bail bonds for juveniles.