Assault and Battery Bail

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Assault Charges Invoke the Threat of Violence, Whereas Battery Involves Physical Contact.

Different states define assault charges differently, but they always constitute crimes of violence. Assault and its related charge, battery, are used differently in Florida. With assault, the perpetrator threatens someone with physical harm. Battery occurs through unwanted physical contact, and can cover both an attack or incidents of a sexual nature. At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, we provide fast bail release for both assault and battery.

Assault and battery can each qualify as either misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the defendant’s prior record and the particulars of the incident. Simple assault and battery occur as misdemeanors, while aggravated assault and battery can go down as a felony. If you ever find yourself accused of these charges, or have a loved one in pre-trial detention, call 321-638-2245 for fast jail release for assault charges in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL.

Bail for Assault Charges

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If a Threat of Violence Has Left You Scared, Then You Are a Victim of Assault.

The consequences you face for an assault or battery arrest depend on the specific charge that the prosecutor pursues. The five different categories of assault charges all have state-mandated punishments.

Simple Assault: As a second degree misdemeanor, you could experience 60 days in jail and a fine not to exceed $500.

Aggravated Assault: A third degree felony, aggravated assault carries the threat of five years imprisonment and fines up to $5,000.

Simple Battery: This first degree misdemeanor could lead to imprisonment for a year and a $1,000 fine.

Felony Battery: Another third degree felony, this battery charge has the same consequences as aggravated assault.

Aggravated Battery: The most serious of these offenses, aggravated battery is a second degree felony. Imprisonment can last for 15 years, and accompany a fine of up to $10,000.

Prior convictions for similar charges can additionally lead the prosecutor to request even stiffer punishment. As a defense against these charges, defendants commonly claim that their actions were accidental, or performed in self defense.

Don’t Delay Your Call

If you or someone you know has been arrested on assault charges, you naturally will want release to occur as quickly as possible. For reliable and expert service from a professional bondsman, call 321-638-2245. Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds offers the full breadth of its services for defendants arrested on assault charges in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL. We make a commitment to our clients, and will not rest until they walk free on a bail bond.