Juvenile Bail Bonds

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All Child Offenders Are Now Eligible for Juvenile Bail Bonds in Florida.

The legal process for juvenile offenders differs significantly from that for adults. When an adult commits a crime, detention and fines are meant to serve as punishments. Through punishment, the justice system seeks to deter the guilty from future criminal acts. With juvenile offenders, the system’s focus changes to rehabilitation, not punishment. Since positive progress is meant to occur within juvenile facilities, youthful offenders were historically not eligible for juvenile bail bonds.

The exception to this rule would occur in the event of a juvenile tried as an adult. Now, however, any juvenile offender can bond out of a detention facility, thanks to the 2013 decision in Treacy v. Lamberti. If your child was arrested and detained on suspicion of a crime, you can have them released from pre-trial detention just like anyone else. To begin this process and reunite with your child, contact Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds for juvenile bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL. We’re ready to serve today at 321-638-2245.

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Arrested juveniles can spend no more than six hours in an adult lock-up, a period throughout which they are allowed no contact with adult offenders. After this six hour period, authorities must either transfer the defendant to a Department of Children and Families detention facility, or release them to the parents. If transferred, an intake counselor considers the child’s case and determines what happens next. At this point, there exist three possibilities:

  • Home Detention
  • Detention in a Non-Secure Residential Facility
  • Detention in a Secure Facility

If held, a child can remain in pre-trial detention for no more than 21 days. This three-week period also represents the time when a juvenile offender is eligible for bail. At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, we will work hard for the release of your child from custody. As the local leaders for juvenile bail bonds, we understand how the system works, and can assure fast, effective service.

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We offer bail bonds for a variety of crimes, and can assuredly provide proper service for your child’s release. There’s no reason for any defendant, much less a child, to remain locked up in advance of a trial. Contact us today at 321-638-2245, and experience the difference we can make with juvenile bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL.