What Happens If You Miss a Court Date?

What happens if you miss a court date? Can you go to jail for failure to appear in court? How long do you go to jail for failure to appear? These and other questions may be swirling around your head if you discover that you have missed your court date. When you have missed a scheduled date in Cocoa, FL while out on bond, your bond may be revoked and you may have to spend some time in jail. You may also accrue more fines, expenses, and other requirements as a result. The key to keeping your freedom is communication with your bondsman. A missed court date doesn’t have to result in going back to jail if the right steps are taken.

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A Missed Court Date is a Big Deal. Our Experts Can Help.

Finding Out For Sure

Missing your day in court can be a very big deal in the eyes of the law. However, there may be ways to repair the situation before it spins downward. If you think you missed court, there are multiple ways to find out. Many cities have a court date program where you can perform a court date search with your information. If you are unsure where to check court date information, the city police station or municipal office will be able to provide you with the information you need.

If You Find Out You Have Missed a Court Date:

  • Call the city the charges originated in to get the details of your case.
  • Contact your attorney and provide him with the missed court information along with any other details.
  • Contact your bondsman to make arrangements for rebonding or new service to prevent spending more time behind bars than required.
  • Make arrangements with the courts, attorney, and bondsman for a new date or new process information.

Once you have your missed date information, you can call your bondsman and attorney to see if another date can be arranged. Your bondsman can help with bonding retaining services while your attorney can help you with how to reschedule court date appointments or going through the arraignment process to repair the situation.

Is Failure to Appear a Felony?

While not always a felony, failure to appear in court can have serious repercussions along with steep fines and requirements. Failure to appear can cause a judge to issue a capias warrant which does not allow bail. This means that until the fine and other expenses are paid in full, you will be held behind bars. There are times, however, when court can be rescheduled before a warrant is issued, so time is of the essence if you think you have missed a court date.

If this is your initial court date, the judge may issue a bench warrant, meaning you have been summoned to explain why you have missed court. Most times, these can be bonded and can even be treated as a warrant walk-through where you arrange for bonding before arriving in jail so little or no time is spent behind bars.

If your charge was a felony charge, missing a court date in Cocoa, FL will result in a felony warrant. Likewise, a missed court date on a misdemeanor charge will result in a misdemeanor warrant. For either charge, your bond will most likely be revoked. Your attorney can sometimes have your bond forfeiture set aside and your failure to appear removed, but it takes the sign-off of the judge and district attorney.

Why Would a Court Date be Moved Up?

There are many reasons why your court date may be moved up. I many cases, they are advanced for dismissal or plea issuance. Other times they are moved up to commence arraignment proceedings. No matter what the charge, if your court date has been moved up from its original time and day, you should speak with your attorney and bondsman immediately to ensure a smooth conclusion.

How to Reschedule a Court Date

There are times when the court will allow you to reschedule your court date. However, this requires sign-off from the judge and will take filing an application by either yourself or your attorney to accomplish. In many cases, rescheduling is not permitted, so you should make every effort to arrange to be present on your scheduled day. Death, life treating illness, and injury are some of the reasons your date may be able to be moved up. In most cases, problems like work interference or childcare are not valid reasons to reschedule court appearances.

When you miss court, the Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds experts can provide bail services throughout Cocoa, FL to get your case back on track. We provide guidance and advice along with warrant walk-through and arraignment information to help you minimize your time spent in jail. Call the Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds professionals today at 321-638-2245 to learn about your options and what to do next when you miss an important court date.

How to Succeed on Probation

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Follow the Rules of Your Sentence, and You Can Avoid Probation Revocation.

If you were given probation as punishment for a crime, then consider yourself lucky. Probation allows you to keep your job, maintain relationships, and, most importantly, avoid jail. However, probation generally comes with some fairly strict rules. If you fail to uphold these rules, you risk a violation, which could lead to probation revocation and jail. Worse yet, time spent on probation generally does not qualify as time served. If you were given probation for an original sentence of five years, for example, probation revocation could land you in jail for that entire period. In order to avoid this catastrophe, follow a few basic tips to succeed with your probated sentence.

Requirements to Avoid Probation Revocation

Though the consequences of a probation violation, and the chance for revocation, are serious, the means to succeed are fairly simple. Keep your appointments, stay away from illicit activity, and do what your probation officer says. If you can manage these tips, you’ll finish your term without any hiccups.

  • Keep Appointments: This is probably the most important rule to follow. You should never skip a probation meeting without a proper excuse, and should also attend all your required classes and/or AA meetings.
  • Stay Away from Drugs: Of course, a probationer is forbidden from the performance of illegal activities, including the use of drugs. In many cases, probationers will find themselves subject to random drug tests.
  • Pay Your Fines: Probation generally comes with a monthly fee. You may also have restitution payments as part of your sentence. Stay current with these, and you’ll ensure yourself smoother sailing.

Violations, aside from the threat of probation revocation in Cocoa, FL, are also a crime in themselves. If you need a bail bond for a probation violation, trust the experts at Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds. We do the work that leads to rapid jail release, and we’re always available at 321-638-2245.