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We’re Your Local Source for Bail Bonds, and We Work Hard for Our Clients.

Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds is your local source for any bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL. If you are confused over how the bail bond process works, never fear: we will gladly answer any questions you have, and keep you informed throughout the jail release process. When we write a bond, we make a commitment to our defendants. As part of this commitment, we not only turn the gears for jail release, but offer court date reminders and insight into every step of the judicial process.

At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, we appreciate that nothing matters more than an individual’s freedom. If you or a loved one suffer arrest, it may come as a shock that the state can hold a defendant for the entire period leading up to trial. This is called pre-trial detention, a state that seemingly contradicts the notion of innocence until proven guilt. However, this detention serves as a necessary evil to prevent flight and the avoidance of punishment.

In order to provide an avenue out of pre-trial detention, judges will generally set bail during a defendant’s initial arraignment hearing. Since many people cannot access the thousands of dollars that bail can require, bail bondsmen step in to perform a valuable service. When it comes to Brevard County and Palm Bay bail bonds, we’re the premier source. A small payment of 10 percent the total bail amount enables a bondsman to serve as the guarantor for a defendant’s appearance in court. To learn more or request our services for bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL, give us a call anytime at 321-638-2245.

24/7 Fast DUI Bail & Juvenile Bail Bonds

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No One Is Ever Prepared for a DUI Arrest. Memorize Our Number for Fast Jail Release.

Time is of the essence when someone is incarcerated. We understand that our clients want and deserve a speedy resolution, so we offer 24/7 support for our bail bond services. Most arrests, especially those for DUIs, can occur late at night or early in the morning. We sympathize with the sense of helplessness that incarceration in the wee hours can invoke. If bail has been set according to a defined schedule, then we can manage almost an immediate release. If you must wait for the arraignment hearing for a judge to set bail, we will gladly answer questions and provide reassurance along the way.

Until 2013, juvenile defendants were only allowed bail if tried as adults. Today, a judge must set bail for a juvenile within 24 hours of detention. Once bail is established, we can work hard to have your child quickly released. We understand that the incarceration of a child represents an extremely stressful experience. Fortunately, state law prohibits interaction between juvenile and adult offenders, and juveniles must be transported to a special Department of Children & Families detention facility. To learn more, simply call Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL at 321-638-2245.

Weapon Violation & Theft Charge Bail Bonds

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Petty Theft Charges Cover the Consequences of Shoplifting.

As a citizen of the United States, you have the right to own firearms. In Florida, however, this federal guarantee carries a number of legal stipulations. For example, convicted felons cannot own or possess a firearm. A gun owner also may not carry a concealed weapon without the proper licensing. Weapon violations, especially those committed by convicted felons, carry heavy penalties. Regardless, our bail bonds services can free you from jail quickly.

Theft stands as another charge that can become quite serious. The degree of a theft charge increases based upon the value of stolen goods. Anything under $100 counts as petit theft, a second-degree misdemeanor. Theft of specific items, such as firearms, construction site property, and farm animals, will elevate the charge to a felony. Theft in excess of $100,000 counts as a first-degree felony, a charge that can carry a sentence of decades.


Felony Bail & Drug Charge Bail Bonds

A felony is a serious crime, the consequences of which can follow you for the rest of your life. When we provide a bail bond for a felony defendant, we always recommend hiring the best lawyer you can afford. Once released from pre-trial detention, you can use your freedom to plan a robust defense.

Drug charges, in particular, contribute to a lot of felony arrests. With the exception of marijuana, possession of any drug in Florida can occur as a felony. The greater the amount, the more severe the charge, and if authorities see intent to sell or traffic, drug charges can easily become first degree felonies. In addition to bail for drug charges, we provide support for a number of felony charges.

  • Felony Bail Felony bail can cost thousands of dollars. Spare yourself a headache and hire our services for fast jail release.
  • Drug Trafficking If arrested with a sufficient amount of drugs, or if caught in the act of selling or transporting drugs, you will receive a felony charge.
  • Weapon Violations Carrying a concealed weapon without a license will net a felony, as will gun ownership by a convicted felon.
  • Grand Theft Grand theft occurs when the amount of stolen goods exceeds a certain amount, or if the theft involved firearms or other selected goods.
  • Aggravated Assault and/or Battery Assault that involves the threat of deadly violence, and battery that causes serious injury, will both result in felonies.


Misdemeanor Bail Bonds & Probation Violation

A misdemeanor arrest can happen to anyone. Whether it’s for a first or second DUI, disorderly conduct, reckless driving, or some other common offense, misdemeanors can quickly land an unprepared individual in jail. Once incarcerated, your thoughts will naturally turn to jail release. As soon as a judge or bail schedule sets the bail amount, we can arrange rapid discharge from any local jail facility.

While a misdemeanor might not seem serious, even the least of them can carry a sentence of 60 days in jail. Probation violations are a fairly common reason for misdemeanor imprisonment. If you cannot abide by the terms of your probation, judges will often deny bail. If this is not the case, turn to your local team at Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds for bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL.

  • DUI Bail Bond First and second DUIs generally count as misdemeanors, unless the incident involved a wreck and/or injury.
  • Petty Theft Theft of goods worth less than $100 counts as a misdemeanor. Multiple arrests can elevate the charge, however.
  • Simple Battery and/or Assault Simple assault occurs when someone threatens violence to another person. Simple battery is when violence actually occurs.
  • Possession of Marijuana Possession of marijuana counts as a misdemeanor, whereas every other drug generally nets a felony.
  • Disorderly Conduct A misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge can occur through public intoxication, or any activity that disturbs the general peace.

Bail Bond Services

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds & More

We currently provide service across a wide range of charges, including domestic violence, probation violations, immigration crimes, and juvenile bail bonds. Each of these generally occur as misdemeanors, though special stipulations apply to probation violations and immigration crimes. The former often results in the denial of bail, since the defendant has shown that he or she cannot manage personal behavior. Immigration charges occur through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), rather than local authorities. To ask questions on behalf of a detained loved one, or to arrange for their quick release on bail, give Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds a call today at 321-638-2245.

  • Domestic Violence Bail Domestic violence involves assault or battery on a current or former household member, romantic partner, or family member.
  • Probation Violation Bail Someone who fails to abide by the terms of their probation will suffer arrest on charges of probation violation.
  • Juvenile Bail Bond Juvenile bail bonds are now available for youthful defendants, with the bail amount set within 24 hours of arrest.

Bail Bond Questions

Bail Bondsman Questions

At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, we receive a lot of questions about how bail bonds work, and what people can expect throughout the jail release process. As professionals, we strive to provide clear, honest answers to any questions. Bail bonds guarantee the appearance of the defendant in court each time he or she is required to appear. The person signing to guarantee the bond is the “Indemnitor”. The Indemnitor is financially responsible for the defendant while out on bond. Any cost or loss as a result of the defendant not appearing in court at the required times will obligate the Indemnitor to pay those costs.

The Indemnitor will sign a promissory note and indemnity agreement that guarantees payment of the costs, or in the event of forfeiture, the entire bond amount. Bond fees are non-refundable and are earned once the bond has been executed and posted at the jail. The fees are a minimum of $100.00 on all bonds less than $1,000.00; and 10% on bonds over $1,000.00. While on bond, the defendant cannot leave the jurisdiction of the court without first obtaining written permission from the Surety (bondsman) and the court. The defendant cannot move from one address to another without first notifying the Surety in writing of the new address.

Brevard County, FL and Palm Bay Bail Bonds

At Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds, we’re the premier source for bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL. For respectful, professional, and fast service, you cannot beat our team. To learn more or arrange release, contact Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds at 321-638-2245 for bail bonds in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL.


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